Shown in decending order (from newest to oldest)

Flags in Field Decending, Spring 2021 
Blender, Adobe Photoshop 

Still Life on Grass, Spring 2021 

Blender Still Life Process, Spring 2021 
Blender screenshot  in cycles

Light Scan, Spring 2021 
Acetate with light on Flatbed Scanner 

Elementary workbook layer, Spring 2021 
Xerox Prints Overlayed 

The Parable of the Horse, Chariot, Driver, and Master exerpt, Spring 2021
Print on vellum

Proposed Artist Ball Poster,  Winter 202
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Morphine scan, Winter 2021
1920 morphine prescription

Uncanny Valley Delineations (set of 2), Winter 2021 
Photo alterations on 1960s stationary

“Isn’t It Beautiful” fall 2020 
Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

“Night Watch” Fall 2020 
Adobe Illustrator 

Untitled, Fall 2020 
Knitted Garnment

“Fresh Aire”, Fall 2020 
Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

“Fantasy Queenz” Poster, Summer 2020 
Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Untitled, Summer 2020 
Woodblock Print (x2) 

“Midnight Planet” Ticket Poster, Spring 2020 
Adobe illustrator & Photoshop 

Untitled, Spring 2020 
Relief Print 

“I-9” Poster, Spring 2020 
Adobe Illustrator 

“Sunny Dayz Radio” Car Freshener, Spring 2020 
Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

“Dance Like No One is Watching” Poster/cutout, Spring 2020
Adobe Illustrator

“All-Rite” Poster, Spring 2020 
Adobe Illustrator

Light Studies (set of 3), Spring 2020
Adobe Illustrator 

Untitled, Sring 2020 
Woodblock Print 

Light Studies Continued (set of 40), Spring - Summer 2020 
Graphite & Charcoal

Light Studies (set of 8), Spring 2020 
Graphite & Spraypaint

Skeleton Studies (Set of 10), Spring 2020
Charcoal on Newsprint 

“Window at 10pm”, Fall 2019 

Untitled self portrait, Fall 2019
Vine Charcoal 
36”x 60”