Date Project TitleCategory   Status
               Project Overview
    06.2023RISD 2023 Yearbook: Packaging & Book 1Book DesignCompleted
    06.2023RISD 2023 Yearbook: Book 2 & 3Book DesignCompleted
    02.2023Ghost MarkingsBook Design/PhotoCompleted
    09.2022How To Fix A Broken Line: Bram BraamBook DesignCompleted
    10.2022Of All StripesBook Design/PhotoCompleted
    06.2022RISD 2022 YearbookBookCompleted

    06.2024Constant Practice BrandingBrandingOngoing

    12.2023Back Horizontal Synch T-ShirtClothing DesignCompleted
    12.2023Back Verictal Synch T-ShirtClothing DesignCompleted
    12.2023Fidlock Waist Synch T-ShirtClothing DesignCompleted

    11.2023Seam Tape T-ShirtClothing DesignCompleted

    06.2022Montples InterviewEditorialCompleted

    06.2023Material Practice: Identity & EphemeraEphemeraCompleted
    05.2023Rained Out Rave Wrist BandEphemeraCompleted
    05.2023Sun Dried Material Practice Wordmark & AnimationEphemeraOngoing
    03.2023Unfolded Image SeriesEphemeraCompleted
    09.2022Screenprinting on LatexEphemeraOngoing
    11.2022How Near? How Far?EphemeraCompleted
    08.2022Rained on Poster: Kreutzberg, DE.EphemeraCompleted
    05.2022Carrs Pond StudiesEphemeraCompleted

    05.2023Cover Photography for Spark Issue #5Photo/PrintCompleted
    10.2023Attention Sign: Mooresville, NC.Photo/Print Completed
    10.2023Stalagtites: Linville, NC.Photo/PrintOngoing
    09.2023Darts Champion: Berlin, DE.Photo/PrintCompleted
    09.2023Melted Candy Coated Rubbish Bin: Berlin, DE.Photo/PrintCompleted
    05.2023Dandelion with Dew: Providence, RI.Photo/PrintCompleted
    04.2023Multi-layered Cracking window paint: Providence, RI.Photo/PrintCompleted
    03.2023Windows and Frames: Rye, UK.Photo/PrintCompleted
    02.2023Serpent Boulder: Gloucester, MA.Photo/PrintCompleted
    08.2022Crackling Pink: New York City,
    08.2022Pipe and Chain: Gent, BE.Photo/PrintCompleted
    07.2022Bus and Tram Peel: Berlin, DE.Photo/PrintCompleted
    07.2022Scratched Green and Red: Berlin, DE.Photo/PrintCompleted
    07.2022Checked Concentric: Zurich, CH.Photo/PrintCompleted
    07.2022Finger Print: Berlin, DE.Photo/PrintCompleted

    10.2023Constant Practice X Homme Essentials Pop up PosterPoster DesignCompleted
    04.2023Reflective Poster SeriesPoster/EphemeraCompleted
    04.2023Foreground/Background PosterPoster/EphemeraCompleted
    03.2023Plastic Bonded Heat Press PosterPoster/EphemeraCompleted
    03.2023Sun Faded PosterPoster/EphemeraCompleted
    11.2022Open Studios PosterPosterCompleted
    09.2022Tie-Dye Poster SeriesPosterCompleted
    08.2022Haunted Haus PosterPoster                Completed
    08.2022A Tear In the Sky SeriesPosterCompleted

    03.2024Input SansType DesignOngoing

    06.2024 Constant Practice WebsiteWebsite/BrandingCompleted 

RISD 2023 Yearbook: Packaging & Book 2   During my final year with the RISD Design Guild, I took the position of project manager for our yearly Senior book project. This year we decided to create a set of three books instead of the usual one senior photos book. This year, we included a book for faculty interviews and a book for campus documentation as well. Collectively the book spanned over 700 student photos. In the exposed book box with holographic detailing, the collection is almost 13cm wide. The student photo book is swiss bound, so the book can sit flat for easy viewing. In collaboration with all of the delightful people at the RISD Design Guild.

RISD 2023 Yearbook: 
Book 1 & 3
Alongside the RISD 2023 Yearbook graduate photos are two other books. The 1st book in the collection includes a series of interviews with faculty and staff, completed by Henry Spuria and Yasemin Sarıhan. Additionally, Book 3 includes a series of photos taken by Jo Sittenfeld designed into spreads by Sharlene Deng. 

Ghost Markings“Ghostmarkings” is a series of drawings embossed over a collection of photos taken over the course of 3 months. Each drawing is specific to the moment in which the photo was taken. The embossing and the image together present my initial reaction to each scene. Behind each photograph is a blank page showing only the drawing, allowing you to reflect on the abstracted ghost mark by itself

How To Fix A Broken Line: Bram Braam While interning at Backbonebooks in 2022, I was able to work with contemporary artist Bram Braam to design his first Catalogue of all of his work spanning from 2022 to 2014. This project was exciting, not only to be able to work on a whole book, but to also work closely with an artist and make sure that the design follows their personal aspirations and intent. 

Of All StripesA collaborative photo Book with Leo Horton. We collected a series of photos spanning over several years all including some form of striped pattern. The book holds over 30 photos and is wrapped in a sewn striped sleeve. 

RISD 2022 YearbookAnnually, the Design Guild creates the Senior class yearbook. The 2022 edition allowed students to express themselves through presenting their name however they wanted.


Constant practice brandingFrom the accumulation of almost a full year of work with Zeke and Jonah at Constant Practice, we created a series of branding assets and Guidelines for their well-established clothing archive and design studio. Included in the branding was a custom hand-drawn logo that is now being used in several applications, including their new website and on tags on their designed clothing.