Date Project TitleCategory   Status
               Project Overview
    06.2023RISD 2023 Yearbook: Packaging & Book 1Book DesignCompleted
    06.2023RISD 2023 Yearbook: Book 2 & 3Book DesignCompleted
    02.2023Ghost MarkingsBook Design/PhotoCompleted
    09.2022How To Fix A Broken Line: Bram BraamBook DesignCompleted
    10.2022Of All StripesBook Design/PhotoCompleted
    06.2022RISD 2022 YearbookBookCompleted

    06.2024Constant Practice BrandingBrandingOngoing

    12.2023Back Horizontal Synch T-ShirtClothing DesignCompleted
    12.2023Back Verictal Synch T-ShirtClothing DesignCompleted
    12.2023Fidlock Waist Synch T-ShirtClothing DesignCompleted

    11.2023Seam Tape T-ShirtClothing DesignCompleted

    06.2022Montples InterviewEditorialCompleted

    06.2023Material Practice: Identity & EphemeraEphemeraCompleted
    05.2023Rained Out Rave Wrist BandEphemeraCompleted
    05.2023Sun Dried Material Practice Wordmark & AnimationEphemeraOngoing
    03.2023Unfolded Image SeriesEphemeraCompleted
    09.2022Screenprinting on LatexEphemeraOngoing
    11.2022How Near? How Far?EphemeraCompleted
    08.2022Rained on Poster: Kreutzberg, DE.EphemeraCompleted
    05.2022Carrs Pond StudiesEphemeraCompleted

    05.2023Cover Photography for Spark Issue #5Photo/PrintCompleted
    10.2023Attention Sign: Mooresville, NC.Photo/Print Completed
    10.2023Stalagtites: Linville, NC.Photo/PrintOngoing
    09.2023Darts Champion: Berlin, DE.Photo/PrintCompleted
    09.2023Melted Candy Coated Rubbish Bin: Berlin, DE.Photo/PrintCompleted
    05.2023Dandelion with Dew: Providence, RI.Photo/PrintCompleted
    04.2023Multi-layered Cracking window paint: Providence, RI.Photo/PrintCompleted
    03.2023Windows and Frames: Rye, UK.Photo/PrintCompleted
    02.2023Serpent Boulder: Gloucester, MA.Photo/PrintCompleted
    08.2022Crackling Pink: New York City,
    08.2022Pipe and Chain: Gent, BE.Photo/PrintCompleted
    07.2022Bus and Tram Peel: Berlin, DE.Photo/PrintCompleted
    07.2022Scratched Green and Red: Berlin, DE.Photo/PrintCompleted
    07.2022Checked Concentric: Zurich, CH.Photo/PrintCompleted
    07.2022Finger Print: Berlin, DE.Photo/PrintCompleted

    10.2023Constant Practice X Homme Essentials Pop up PosterPoster DesignCompleted
    04.2023Reflective Poster SeriesPoster/EphemeraCompleted
    04.2023Foreground/Background PosterPoster/EphemeraCompleted
    03.2023Plastic Bonded Heat Press PosterPoster/EphemeraCompleted
    03.2023Sun Faded PosterPoster/EphemeraCompleted
    11.2022Open Studios PosterPosterCompleted
    09.2022Tie-Dye Poster SeriesPosterCompleted
    08.2022Haunted Haus PosterPoster                Completed
    08.2022A Tear In the Sky SeriesPosterCompleted

    03.2024Input SansType DesignOngoing

    06.2024 Constant Practice WebsiteWebsite/BrandingCompleted 

Inpt - SansInpt Sans is a single-weight font that was inspired by the adoption of spiffy new lightweight sanserif fonts of the early 2000s. Companies like Dreamcast and Nokia were using fonts with a new age feel that was very different than the vintage space-age fonts used in previous decades. I wanted to create something that felt light and slick at times, while still retaining a sense of cheekiness (especially the use of diamonds for the tittles).

I intend to expand the font into a full family within the coming months.