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    06.2024 Constant Practice WebsiteWebsite/BrandingCompleted
    06.2024Constant Practice BrandingBrandingOngoing
    05.2024Cover Photography for Spark Issue #5Photo/PrintCompleted
    03.2024Input SansType DesignOngoing

    12.2023Back Horizontal Synch T-ShirtClothing DesignCompleted
    12.2023Back Verictal Synch T-ShirtClothing DesignCompleted
    12.2023Fidlock Waist Synch T-ShirtClothing DesignCompleted

    11.2023Seam Tape T-ShirtClothing DesignCompleted
    10.2023Constant Practice X Homme Essentials Pop up Poster Poster Design Completed
    10.2023Attention Sign: Mooresville, NC.Photo/Print Completed
    10.2023Stalagtites: Linville, NC.Photo/PrintOngoing
    09.2023Darts Champion: Berlin, DE.Photo/PrintCompleted
    09.2023Melted Candy Coated Rubbish Bin: Berlin, DEPhoto/PrintCompleted
    06.2023RISD 2023 Yearbook: Packaging & Book 2Book DesignCompleted
    06.2023 RISD 2023 Yearbook: Book 1 & 3Book Design                Completed
    06.2023 Material Practice: Identity & EphemeraEphemeraCompleted
    05.2023Rained Out Rave Wrist BandEphemeraCompleted
    05.2023Sun Dried Material Practice Wordmark & AnimationEphemeraOngoing
    05.2023Dandelion with Dew: Providence, RI.Photo/PrintCompleted
    04.2023Multi-layered Cracking Window Paint: Providence, RI.Photo/PrintCompleted
    04.2023Reflective Poster SeriesPoster/EphemeraCompleted
    04.2023Foreground/Background PosterPoster/EphemeraCompleted
    03.2023Unfolded Image SeriesEphemeraCompleted
    03.2023Plastic Bonded Heat Press PosterPoster/EphemeraCompleted
    03.2023Sun Faded PosterPoster/EphemeraCompleted
    03.2023Windows and Frames: Rye, UK.Photo/PrintCompleted
    02.2023    Ghost MarkingsBook Design/Photo Completed
    02.2023Serpent Boulder: Gloucester, MA.Photo/PrintCompleted

    11.2022How Near? How Far?Object/EphemeraCompleted
    11.2022Open Studios PosterPosterCompleted
    10.2022Of All StripesBook Design/PhotoCompleted
    09.2022How To Fix A Broken Line: Bram BraamBook Design                Completed
    09.2022Screenprinting on LatexEphemeraOngoing
    09.2022Tie-Dye Poster SeriesPosterCompleted
    08.2022Crackling Pink: New York City,
    08.2022Haunted Haus PosterPosterCompleted
    08.2022A Tear In the Sky SeriesPosterCompleted
    08.2022Rained on Poster: Kreutzberg, DE.EphemeraCompleted
    08.2022Pipe and Chain: Gent, BE.Photo/PrintCompleted
    07.2022Bus and Tram Peel: Berlin, DE.Photo/PrintCompleted
    07.2022Scratched Green and Red: Berlin, DE.Photo/PrintCompleted
    07.2022Checked Concentric: Zurich, CH. Photo/PrintCompleted
    07.2022Finger Print: Berlin, DE.Photo/PrintCompleted
    06.2022Montples InterviewEditorial Completed
    06.2022RISD 2022 Yearbook Book Completed

    10.2021Carrs Pond StudiesEphemeraCompleted

Back Horizontal Synch Shirt3/4 Within a set of four reconstructed graphic t-shirts using bungee chord and waterproof seam tape. This one specifically synchs the back waistline, allowing for the wearer to adjust the length and width. Each tee was Constructed inside out to show the inverse of the initial screenprinted designs. 

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